Custom Slipmat Image Guide

Everyone wants their custom slipmats to look great, and the best looking slipmats are printed from high resolution images.

When you upload an image we will look at the quality and resolution of it to determine how it will be used to create your slipmat design.

Please use the following information to help you select the best image for your custom slipmats.

All low, medium and high resolution images can be used to create high quality custom slipmats.

Quick Image Guide

Low Res - Below 500 x 500 pixels
Will not cover the whole slipmat

Medium Res - 2000 x 2000 pixels
Will lose minimal quality to cover

High Res - Above 2500 x 2500 pixels
Will cover the whole slipmat

Image Resolution

Resolution is made up from the amount of pixels across the width and height of an image. When displaying images on a monitor the resolution is much less important due to them being rendered typically at 72ppi (pixels per inch). So for an image to be displayed 12 inches across the width of your monitor, it must have a minimum width of 864 pixels (12 x 72).

However when printing, we require images to have a higher resolution. All of our slipmats are printed at 300ppi to achieve the very best print quality. So for an image to be printed 12 inches wide, it must have a minimum width of 3600 pixels (12 x 300).

We can enlarge most images that have a width or height of 2500 pixels to cover the whole slipmat and be printed at the highest quality. Some images can be enlarged a lot more than others, and in some cases a low resolution image can be enlarged with no loss in quality.

Resolution Checker

Your Image

All orders receive a FREE digital proof before printing takes place. We use your image and instructions as best we can and will enlarge low and medium resolution images as much as we can.

Image Cropping & Bleed Area

Most images that get uploaded are either square or rectangular in shape. Due to the circular shape of slipmats there is usually a large amount of cropping involved.

Not all images are large enough to cover the whole slipmat and minimal cropping is involved, with a background colour or effect being applied.

All images and completed designs will lose up to 4mm of the outer edge when printed. This is called the bleed area and is needed so that your design is printed all the way to edge of the slipmat.

Design Techniques & Examples

We have a wide range of techniques we use for creating awesome custom slipmat designs. Below you will find some examples of what we can do with your image.

This logo for BES Systems was used with some provided text and instructions to create the slipmat design.

Design Instructions:
Background colour change, logo colour change, curved text, inner border

Low resolution images can be enlarged to cover the slipmat without any loss in quality. Where this is not possible we apply additional background colour, a thick border, additional text or in some cases we can stretch out or repeat the background.

High resolution images can be used to cover the whole slipmat surface.

Originally Uploaded Image
Low Resolution

Design Created

Originally Uploaded Image
High Resolution

Design Created

Originally Uploaded Image
Low Resolution

Design Created

Originally Uploaded Image
High Resolution

Design Created

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