Custom Slipmat Templates

We know that style is very important in the music industry and will often define a musician or record label. Many customers have developed their own logo and branding and want to create a bespoke slipmat design.

Criminyl Slipmats have now made it easier for you to create your own custom slipmat design. Simply download a template in the format you require and open it up in your favourite image editing software.

When you have created your design you can upload it and order your custom slipmats.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to create the perfect design, we are happy to help. Email your work and instructions to

Multi Format Templates

Software Specific Templates

How to use our Templates

Our templates are created using the same print specifications as below, and used to make designing your slipmats a little easier. You do not have to use a template to create your design, but by doing so you will ensure that your slipmats are printed at the highest quality.

Please download your preferred file format and open it up in your image editing software. You will be presented with a plain white circle with a green edge.

This green edge is to visualise what is known as the bleed area and all slipmat designs require one. In order to print slipmats right up to the edge the design needs to be printed slightly bigger than the actual slipmat. This results in a small amount of the outside edge of the slipmat design to be cut off. The area that is cut off varies between slipmats, so we use a 4mm bleed area. By using a bleed area you can design your slipmats so that critical parts of the design (most commonly text) are not lost and stay within the area that will not be affected.

More confident designers are free to create their own template to work from, please keep to the following guidelines.

Design Specifications:

308mm diameter circular print area, 4mm bleed area on outer edge, 5mm diameter centre hole, 300 ppi (3638px wide 3638px high), CMYK or RGB colour.

FREE Image Editing Software

High end image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator can cost hundreds of pounds. However, there is an alternative that costs you nothing.

GIMP is an open source piece of software with more than enough features to create your custom slipmat design.

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